It Was Another Good Day at Church Yesterday


It was a full day at Bay City Baptist Church yesterday. We kicked-off the day with ABFs (adults) and Sunday School (children) at 9:30, followed by the worship service at 10:30. Four people were baptized at the beginning of the service, Pastor Brown challenged the church out of Psalm 57 (Singing in the Rain), and we observed the Lord’s Supper at the conclusion of the service.

During the evening service at 6:00, we heard three testimonies for church membership, the children’s choir sang, and we learned of God’s work in the life of Nebuchadnezzar out of Daniel chapter 4. We concluded the day with a short quarterly business meeting.

More than likely, many of us watched the Green Bay Packers face the New Orleans Saints on Sunday Night Football. (We do live in Green Bay, Wisconsin after all, and most people here are Packers fans.) It wasn’t a great game (unless you’re a Saints fan) but it was another good day at Bay City Baptist.

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