Wisconsin Election is Tuesday. Get Out and Vote!

Election 2014

Christians ought to vote. We should take part in choosing wise leadership for our state.

In Deuteronomy 1:13 we find this instruction, “Choose wise, understanding, and knowledgeable men…and I will make them heads over you” (NKJV). We should want wise leadership in our state of Wisconsin, and we can do a small part to help choose them.

Most news agencies are reporting that with just a few days to go until election day, the Wisconsin Governors race is coming down to the wire. A recent PPP survey (October 28-20 of 1,814 voters) showed that Gov. Scott Walker and Democrat Mary Burke are statistically tied, while another recent poll shows Walker with a small lead.

While the Governors race is getting most of the headlines, there are also many other races and referendums on the ballot Tuesday.

Educate yourself. Then get out and vote.

It’s true that one person is only one vote, but every vote counts. We understand that God is in control but we should do our part. Christians can have a powerful voice but only if we go to the polls and vote based on what we believe.

Vote Tuesday!