It Was Another Great Christmas Banquet Last Night

Pastor Bender reads the Christmas story near the end of the night.

A staple event on our church calendar is the annual Christmas banquet. Last night we had a great crowd at the Swan Club just south of Green Bay for another memorable night.

The food? Chicken, beef tips, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, steamed baby carrots, rolls, and dessert (Oh, those cream puffs!). It was delicious, as usual, and we all probably ate too much.

The entertainment? John Roth told several wry jokes (we love you John), which were met by a combination of groans, chuckles, and outright laughs. “Mathman” enlightened us with some amazing and very humorous stats. A skit by Derick Owens, Lisa Weldy, Shelly Roth, and Joe Priebe reminded us of the reason for this season. Amanda Hallett sang a beautiful special and Pastor Bender read the Christmas story. (There were a few other items, such as the singing of Christmas carols, that made the night special.)

We capped it off with the usual singing of Silent Night in the light of over 100 candles. We do this every year but it never gets old. “Christ the Savior is born.” What an amazing truth. Why would God stoop so low to take on human form? He did that to become our Savior. No other world religion can say that their God died in their place for their sins.

Silent night, Holy night
Shepherds quake, at the sight
Glories stream from heaven above
Heavenly, hosts sing Hallelujah.
Christ the Savior is born,
Christ the Savior is born.

Thank you to all who worked so hard to create another amazing event. God has blessed Bay City Baptist Church. May our church in Green Bay continue to be a light to our city, and may we remember that this Christmas season is about the Savior. He died in our place. What an amazing sacrifice.


These are the lyrics to the special music, “Who Would Have Dreamed” which is based on Micah 5:1-2:

On a starlit hillside, shepherds watched their sheep
Slowly, David’s city drifted off to sleep
But to this little town of no great renown
The Lord had a promise to keep

And who would have dreamed or ever foreseen
That we could hold God in our hands?
The Giver of Life is born in the night
Revealing God’s glorious plan
To save the world

Prophets had foretold it, a mighty King would come
Long-awaited Ruler, God’s anointed one
But the Sovereign of all looked helpless and small
As God gave the world His own Son

Wondrous gift of heaven: the Father sends the Son
Planned from time eternal, moved by holy love
He will carry our curse and death
He’ll reverse So we can be daughters and sons