Pastor Brown to Take Missions Trip to the Island of North Andros

Pastor Brown teaches on the island of North Andros in the winter of 2014. He returns again this year to teach pastors and church leaders.


On Thursday, January 22, Pastor Brown leaves Green Bay in order to serve the churches and pastors on the island of North Andros, Bahamas. No, this is not his “winter get-away vacation,” but a mission trip! Pastor Brown will again join up with Pastor Larry Wilson from Liberty, SC, and missionary pilot Dave Spangler, to conduct a week-long Bible seminar. This is the second time Pastor Brown has joined the team, which has now conducted four seminars on the island.

This year’s topic is “Hermeneutics: The Study and Interpretation of the Scriptures.” Each of the men has been busy preparing about 15 hours of lecture materials which will be presented each day in the evening classes. Students follow the teaching in notebooks prepared for them. The North Andros Bible Institute was formed to help train the indigenous pastors and laypeople of the island who have not had the opportunity of any formal training. Pray that the truths of how to “rightly divide the word of truth” will be well received and helpful to these dear people.