Green Bay Stepping Up Huge Success. 10-Week Study to Follow.

On January 24, Bay City Baptist hosted the men’s Stepping Up event. Several men from other local Green Bay churches joined us for this challenging one-day video event, and our total attendance was about 75.

We are now working to get men and teens signed up for the 10-Week Stepping Up Small Group Series which will begin on March 24. Below are some pictures to remind you of the great day we had together in the church youth room. Will you sign up for the 10-week follow-up series? Some of the small groups will be held on Tuesday night and some on Wednesday nights. Both nights will run from 6:30-7:45.

Click here to learn more about the Stepping Up Small Group Series. Every man has a task for which he is uniquely suited. You may have already discovered this—or maybe not. Your charge is this: Press into the battle, fill your lungs with smoke from the front lines, fight the battle and finish strong. The work God is calling you to will not be easy. Work your hardest to serve the Lord in your church and family, and any other context to which He has called you!

Interested in the 10-week small group series? Contact the church office at 920-499-5561 or see Jim Hagen. You can also click here to send a message to the church through this contact form. Include your name and let us know if Tuesday or Wednesday works better for you.

We passed the camera around to several men on the day of the activity and here are some of the shots taken:
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