Baptist Church in Green Bay Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry!

Hard to believe but Bay City Baptist had it’s beginnings over a smoky bar on Broadway!

Yesterday, Bay City Baptist Church of Green Bay, WI, celebrated 50 years of ministry. The day began at 9:30 with a PowerPoint and a video that captured many years of ministry. Links to these are found below.

The morning service at 10:30 was a celebration of what God has done here. Pastor Robert Dow encouraged the church using Moses and his staff as an illustration of God’s work. Julie’s Cafe of Green Bay catered a delicious meal and then the afternoon service at 1:30 was a Walk Down Memory Lane, with a panel of five persons answering questions of what God has done.

Yesterday was one of the best days ever at Bay City Baptist. Get a feel for it but checking out the links below:

PowerPoint at 9:30:

50th Testimonial Video at 9:40:

Robert Dow message during the morning service:

PowerPoint that played during the Walk Down Memory Lane: