Bay City to Host Three Desires Marriage, Family, Relationships Seminar

20180110_083505The Three Desires Seminar is this weekend!

It’s no wonder many families need marriage counseling, family counseling, or couples counseling. Isn’t it interesting our hardest relationships are with those we love the most? If your marriage needs help and you’re considering divorce, or if you’re struggling with parenting, this seminar WILL help you.

A single hour of marriage counseling or family therapy will cost you $80-$200 in Green Bay, but this seminar delivers five hours of eye-opening teaching for $79. BIG QUESTION: Can your counselor or therapist tell you why you do what you do?

This seminar will help anyone seeking couples therapy. It will help with parenting. Those seeking marriage counseling and marriage therapy will find immediate, positive impact on their relationships. There are three simple reasons why people do what they do, and when you’ve learned them you will know why you’re struggling and how to fix it.

Please visit for further information and to register. Space is limited so register now to secure your seat.