Eight Questions to Ask a Christian Counselor

Counseling is an interactive process. It is established and maintained on the basis of trust. Open and honest dialogue between a counselor and a counselee is the most important component of building trust. If you cannot establish this foundation early on, so that you are confident that the counselor will be wise, biblical, loving, and… Read More

Let’s Go Lady Bobcats! Can They Repeat Again?

It all comes down to this weekend. All the endless hours of practice. All the bumps, bruises, strains, broken fingers and torn ACL’s.  All the blood, sweat, and tears have seeded our Lady Bobcats first in the WACS State Tournament to be held at Maranatha Baptist University this Friday and Saturday, March 4 & 5.… Read More

Creation Sunday at Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay

This Sunday, December 6, Bay City Baptist Church is hosting Creation Sunday with author and speaker Jay Seegert, co-founder of the Creation Education Center. In this day, pro-evolution agendas are trumpeted over social and secular media and presented as absolute truth in our schools.  These views directly conflict with the straight-forward teachings of the Bible.… Read More