Assisting the Pastors

The Bible lists two specific offices that are given to the churches: pastor and deacon. Deacons were brought along to assist the pastors by accomplishing appointed tasks so that the pastors could spend their time in “prayer and the ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:2-4). These Spirit-filled, reputable men are to be chosen by the people and then directed by the pastors into their areas of service.

Assigned Areas of Service

It is interesting that the word “deacon” literally means “table server.” Our deacons here at Bay City Baptist have taken on this role of servant-leaders, and are a great help to the pastors and the people of our church. Each deacon is given a certain area of ministry to serve, from outside maintenance to transportation to electronics, so that the physical plant of the ministry is well maintained. But they are also given a Watch Care list of the different families of the church so that they can assist the pastors in meeting the needs of the congregation as well. Their prayers for, and attention to, each of our members attributes to a healthy church body.

Contributes to Health of the Church

As each part of the body of Christ accomplishes that which our LORD has called them to do, the church grows spiritually and Christ is glorified. May we each minister to one another, and so fulfill the love of Christ! And ultimately may Christ be known in our city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.