Giving can be a sensitive topic. And talking about money can make us uncomfortable.

At Bay City Baptist we understand that everything belongs to God and that we are only stewards of the things He has entrusted to us.

It’s all His.

Christians who love God also understand that giving is an act of worship and so we provide opportunities to give during worship services. They also understand they are giving “to the Lord” and not “to the church.”

At Bay City, we do not use guilt-inducing appeals. We will never pressure anyone to give but we do understand the importance of talking about stewardship because God Himself talks about it in his Word.

Although you can give at worship services, we want to provide the opportunity to give through our website. It is through your tithing and your offerings that God’s work in this church and our community continues.

Click the icon below to give online:


For questions concerning giving, please contact the office at 920-499-5561.

Because we want to be fiscally responsible and accountable, we submit to an annual external audit. Both the pastors and deacons approve monthly financial reports, and the church body itself approves quarterly reports and the annual budget. Financial reports are available to members at any time.