Wherever you are in your relationship with God, you will find others like you here. God has given us a beautiful campus, but our church is not a building. It’s people – people like you. We understand there are other good churches in Green Bay, but wherever you are in your relationship with God, we will meet you there.

Please visit soon…we’d love to meet you. Read below for answers to questions first time visitors often have. If you have further questions, our pastors or office staff would be happy to help you.

Please click here to send us a message, or call us at (920) 499-5561.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Senior citizen and guest parking is located near the front doors. You may enter the building through the main doors under the canopy, or the double-doors farther down in the center of the building where you see the word “Offices.” Usher/greeters will meet you and help you know where to go next.

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What will I do with my children?

If you are coming for the service at 10:30, you can take your children ages three and below to our nursery, where screened and caring staff will care for them. The nursery is located just beyond the bookstore in the main lobby. Our ushers will help you find your way. Children four and older can go into the main church service with you. At about 11:00 during the service, children ages 4 through grade 3 are dismissed to a junior church to enjoy a time of worship geared just for them. If you come for ABFs/Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., we have classes for every age.

What are the worship services like?

You won’t experience anything outlandish or unusual. Our services are a combination of the kinds of things you see in the Bible when people gathered to worship God. Singing, praying, giving, Scripture reading, and Bible teaching/preaching are a part of our services. The technical term for this is regulative worship. We think the Bible ought to be our guide in all things. Church ought to be friendly, biblical, and real. For good reasons, there are some things we try to avoid: (1) entertainment, (2) a flippant or overly-light atmosphere, (3) formalism (following outward religious forms and rituals).

If I visit, how should I dress?

The first thing we want you to know is that we welcome anyone who walks through our front doors no matter what. We know God looks inside and sees the heart. We care about people, and their hearts are our first concern.

In the interest of helping you feel at home, you’ll want to know that many who attend Bay City Baptist Church come dressed in smart casual or business casual attire.

Church should not be a place where we dress-to-impress others with the latest fashions. God Himself should take center stage and not us. And since we’re coming to worship our Creator, neither should church be a place where we dress sloppy. Clean, comfortable, and appropriate clothing is welcome anywhere, even in church.

No matter how you come, we’ll be glad you’re here.

Will I have to say anything, give anything, or do anything?

Only if you want to. That will be your choice.

What makes Bay City Baptist a church?

While we are blessed with a great building and property, the church is not the building. The Bible teaches that a church is a group of people who have linked themselves to worship and serve Jesus Christ together. If we were to meet on Sunday in the middle of an open lot in Green Bay, we would still be considered a church even if we didn’t have a building.

What sets you apart from other churches in Green Bay?

We’re not the only good church in Green Bay, but we’re different from most in that we make a strong effort to use the Bible as our guide for personal and church life. We don’t exist to entertain but to be a shining light for Christ and to provide Christians with the tools they need to worship and glorify God in their personal lives.

We recommend this article to help people as they evaluate Green Bay churches:  What should I look for when choosing a new church home?

Can you tell me about Green Bay, Wisconsin?

Green Bay is a beautiful city located at the mouth of the Fox River in northeast Wisconsin. According to recent estimates, our population is around 104,000, but the metropolitan area that spills over into a few other counties has a combined population of almost 300,000. Green Bay is most famous for its NFL football team, the Green Bay Packers.

But did you know that Green Bay was awarded the title of All-America City in 1964 and 1999. We think we’re still an All-America city even if we haven’t had the title in a few years.


Isn’t the weather in Green Bay really cold?

Yes, Green Bay can be cold. But it’s not really a bitter cold, and it only lasts for part of the year. January’s normal high temperature is 24 degrees, but we make up for it in July when the normal high temperature 81 degrees. Nice.

Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s our city and we’re glad God takes an interest in cities. He’s taken an interest in our city by planting us here to make Him known. May we all link arms and serve Him with all our strength for all our days. Here are a few Green Bay links of interest:

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Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau
Green Bay, WI Chamber of Commerce

What are the church office hours?

The church office is typically open Monday through Friday during typical office hours. On Saturdays there is usually some church staff in the offices, but we let the phone system handle the calls that day.

How do we handle money?

With great care and integrity. We know that every dollar given is given to the Lord and that it’s not our money. Every month our pastors and deacons review the financial reports and account for where money is being spent. Each quarter, the financial reports are presented to the church at our quarterly meetings. Each year an annual budget is prepared and presented to the church for a church-wide vote. Every two years we run an audit. No secrets. Our prayer is that every dollar would be spent the way God wants.

Is Bay City Baptist Church part of a larger denomination?

No. Our church functions independently of a denominational hierarchy. We are self-governed. Decisions about the direction of Bay City Baptist are prayerfully made by our own pastors, not a governing board located in another city.

Not only are we independent of a denominational headquarters, we also function without a denominational spirit. In other words, even though we are called “Bay City Baptist Church,” we recognize that there are other churches without the name Baptist who also love Christ and seek to follow Him. We identify more with Christ Himself than with a denominational label.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Our office staff or pastors would enjoy talking with you more. Read about our Core Values herePlease click here to send a message to our church office. Or call us at (920) 499-5561. Click here to view the church calendar.