Pastor Aaron Lichtenwalner began as the youth pastor in the summer of 2016. He will be updating this page soon. Thanks for your patience.



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Our program for students in grades 7-12 is designed to help teens and their families know God and live for Him. Because the Christian home is the God-ordained agency for shaping and nurturing a teen’s faith, we want to support the home in this work.

We believe that ministry to teens should be home-based and church-supported, not church-based and home-supported. Parents must play the major role in discipling their children. While the church does have a biblical responsibility to teach and minister to our entire church here in Green Bay, including its children and teens, it does not have them in adequate blocks of time to do the job alone. Parents will always will be the primary influence in the life of a teenager, so ministry to teens must begin at home. In cases where a teen does not have a Christian home, we seek to provide a nurturing Christian atmosphere where that teen can grow.

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