The year was 1967 and four families were excited…

They were planting the seeds of a new church in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The city was in a spiritual drought and they wanted this new church to be different from other churches.

That small and determined group held their first meeting in a home at 231 North Chestnut in the heart of the city. Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay was born.

God has blessed us. And we’ve grown. After meeting in a few different locations God gave us a permanent home at 1840 Bond Street where we still meet today. We’ve completed a few building projects that have provided space for every kind of activity you can imagine. God has given us a wonderful combination of location, property, and building space. We’re glad to use it for His glory.

Though we’ve grown over the years, we have never been interested numbers. Sure, we want to grow, but size will never be our goal. We want to love God and others, and be faithful to Him (Matthew 22:37-38). We want to bring Him glory and make Him known in Green Bay and around the world.

Where does the story go from here? Only God knows. We’re willing to follow Him wherever the road leads…and maybe you’ll be a part of it.

Our prayer: God, thank you for Jesus, for your gift of atoning love, the forgiveness of sins, and a wonderful hope for the future. You have re-created us and made us new. Help us to love you more deeply in the days to come. Help us to make you known in this world. And may we be faithful to you to the end.